Tips to preserve the beauty of the eyes

>> Thursday, March 19, 2009

Residue of stale eye make-up and other pollutants cause irritation in your eyes, leading to infected eyes. Adequate sleep, nutrition, exercise and total eye care is vital for beautiful eyes.

#Avoid using lotions, oils, drops in your eyes without consulting your ophthalmologist.

#Refrain from using face packs, masks and harsh astringents around the eyes.

#Never pull, stretch or rub the skin around the eyes.

#Avoid reading in poor light and harsh lights.

#Do not attempt reading under flickering lights.

#Small, bad print can cause severe eye strain.

#Constantly glued to your idiot box also holds a major share in weakening eyesight.

#Excessive smoking robs the body of vitamin C. It also causes wrinkles around eyes.

#Wear sunglasses to prevent discomfort from the sun's glare.

#Use damp cotton wool dipped in rose water, to remove traces of eye makeup. Use gentle, downward strokes to remove makeup. The outside of the lid can be cleansed by gentle, inward strokes.

#If you have an oily skin dab a little cream under and around eyes at bedtime.

#Never pluck mascara off your eye lashes

Massaging Technique for Eyes

Eyes are the most delicate organ. It ages faster producing lines, creases under eyes and crow’s feet at the sides of the eye. As the tissue around the eyes is delicate, the skin must never be rubbed or stretched. Unless you are confident & master the art of eye massage. It is advisable that you skip the eye massage.

Any massage for your eyes must be done with very light, feathery touch. While massaging eyes, always remember that, this is the only massage movement that moves towards the centre of your face. As stated earlier all other facial mass¬age movements move outwards or away from the centre of your face.

With feathery strokes, start from the outer corner of your eye, move below your eye using your fore finger. As you reach near your nose, take a 'u' turn and massage with extremely light touch over the upper lid. Work your way towards the outer corner or the starting point. Massage both eyes and always maintain that light, feathery touch.


Zeeshan Amjad September 2, 2009 at 1:34 AM  

nice tips shared. I like them all and must try to do all :)

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Jen October 8, 2009 at 6:45 PM  

One of the best tips is to talk to an ophthalmologist rather than just an eye doctor. Thanks for the tips.

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