Exercises for your face to keep yourself young

>> Friday, January 23, 2009

When we exercise for rest of our body, 91 muscles of our face are utterly neglected. Proper and targeted exercising our facial muscles can maintain the youthfulness and energized look of our face and eyes. With the growing age the tone and flexibility of the muscles of our face and noticeably our eyes diminishes and give us stressed and tired look. Let us see how we can rejuvenate them with the simple exercises, we all can do.

Rotate your eyes:

Keep your neck upright and still. Look at front with wide eyes. Slowly look up as up as you can and hold. Remember not to move or tilt your neck during this exercise. Now slowly look down to the ground and hold; not moving your neck. Next look slowly to the left and then right. Next rotate your eyes slowly once clockwise then anti clockwise. This exercise will strengthen all the muscles of your eyeballs, responsible for the eye movements.

Blink Consciously:

Though blinking is involuntary act, but when working on computer screen blinking lessens and produce stresses to our eyes. We can make a habit of blinking while working on computer. Try this and will see the difference instantly. Drink plenty of water.

Gaze widely:

Place your one finger in front of your eyes and look at it. Then try to look at a distance and you will find the blurring of your finger and distance vision is also blurred. Look like this without blinking. Repeat 2 or 3 times.

Check your eyes:

Our eyesight tends to deteriorate with age. We have to accept that. Whenever you notice that, you are getting difficulty read the fine prints, take the help of an optometrist. Don't strain your eyes by delaying the acceptance of specs. This will age the look of your eyes rapidly. Even if you don't find any problem check every two years after the age of 40 and every tear after the age of 60.

Let your face muscle dance! :

Try this funny exercise. Play a short piece of music, on which you love to dance and dance along with it with your face muscles only. If you wish make a short film of yours to entertain yourself later. You will gain a lot along with this funny exercise.

Workout for your forehead:

Frown as strongly as you can and hold for some time and relax. Repeat 3 - 4 times. Look forward and raise your eyebrows as up as you can towards your hairline, hold for some time and then relax – repeat 3 – 4 times. Close your eyes strongly so that you can feel the eyelashes are touching your cheek, hold for some time and relax – epeat 3 – 4 times.

Neck exercises, you can do any time you like:

To start with free your shoulders a little bit by moving them up back and down. Repeat the same in opposite directions.

Now keep your shoulders steady. Then bend your chin down as far as you can and try to touch the chest, hold for a while. Then look up to the ceiling keeping the shoulders steady and hold for some time.. Now bend the neck to the right and left as far as you can and hold for some time. Next turn your face to the right and left and keep in those position and count 30. Then come back to neutral position. Now try rotating the neck once clockwise and then anti clockwise 5 times each. Don't try these if you have any neck problems.

Some toning exercises for the facial muscles:

These simple workouts help to improve the tone and elasticity of your facial muscles. Do these exercises in front of a mirror, so that you can see you are not producing any wrinkles around your eyes while doing these.

Smile by pulling the angle of our mouth as up as possible without producing wrinkle around the eyes. Count 15 and release. Repeat for 5 times.

Keep your teeth together and say "eee", drawing the sides of the mouth outwards. Take care not to wrinkle around the eyes. Count 15 and release. Repeat for 5 times.

Make your mouth "O" shaped. Then drop you jaw as far as you can to make the opening oval. You now can feel the stretch in cheeks. Hold in this position by counting 15. Then release. Repeat for 5 times.

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How to care the face on daily basis by homemade Cleanser, toner, moisturizer and makeup removers:

>> Thursday, January 15, 2009

Clean your face and remove make ups before you go to bed:

Vigilantly remove all the makeup and grime by cleansing before you retire to bed. Any small remaining trace may irritate the eyes and block the skin pores and eventually result in dull skin complexion. Avoid dragging and pulling the skin when you are applying cleanser. Take cleanser on your fingers; massage the skin by rolling actions of fingers. Same procedure to be done for your neck too.

Homemade makeup remover:

To remove makeup a homemade remover can be made by blending 2 table spoon of almond oil and 3 drops of essential oil of neroli. You can store such preparation in dark glass bottle in cool and dark place. Shake the bottle before using. Use warm cloth while you are removing the makeup. Soak a piece of muslin in warm water, remove the excess water by wringing out and place the cloth over your face. Warmth will open the pores of the skin. Cleanse your face and wash your face with cold water to close the pores.

Milk can act as tonic to your skin:

A cotton pad soaked in full fat milk, when lightly place on your face help to remove dead cells and rejuvenate the skin by renewal of skin cells.

Homemade cleanser to remove grime from your face:

Detergents and soaps should be avoided for the delicate skin of your face. An oil rich antioxidant cleanser you can make at your home as follows


1 green tea bag

1 tsp ground almonds

1 tsp grape seed oil

1 tsp milk powder

Soak the tea bag in a mug of boiling water. Then blend this green tea with almond paste, grape seed oil and the milk powder to make smooth paste. Massage this paste to your face and neck. Leave there for 10 minutes and then remove with the splash of warm water. Rewash your face with cool water.

Homemade cleanser for sensitive skin:

The following homemade blend is very helpful for the sensitive skin, which need gentle cleansing


1 tsp fine oatmeal

1 tsp jojoba oil

1 tsp milk powder

1–2 tbsp rosewater

Blend the above ingredients and make smooth paste. Application is same as above.

Toners for your skin from the kitchen cupboard:

Try these antioxidants from your kitchen – Green tea, Rose water, Grape juice. Cider vinegar, peppermint or fennel tea are also good pore reducing toner.

Moisturizers are essential to calm your skin preserve the moisture and render glow and radiance to your skin.

Try this homemade moisturizer for sensitive skin:


1 green tea bag

3 drops essential oil of rosemary

2 drops essential oil of chamomile

2 tbsp Aloe Vera gel

Brew the tea bag in a mug of boiled water. To the aloe Vera gel mix the oil of rosemary and chamomile and blend. Mix a little tea after it is cooled. Your moisturizer is now ready to use.

Intense moisturizer for very dehydrated skin:


2 tbsp hemp oil

1 tsp wheat germ oil

1 capsule evening primrose oil

3 drops essential oil of frankincense

2 drops essential oil of neroli

Take all these ingredients in an amber colored bottle. Squeeze the contents of the capsules after puncturing it into it. Shake it well before use. If you want to store you can store it in cool and dark place.

Homemade Moisturizer for sun damaged skin:


1 tbsp grape seed oil

2 tsp rose hip oil

1 tsp wheat germ oil

3 drops essential oil of lavender

1 drop each essential oils of chamomile and geranium

Take all these ingredients in an amber colored bottle. Mix then thoroughly. Shake it well before use. If you want to store you can store it in cool and dark place.

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Defy your age by these simple steps:

>> Sunday, January 11, 2009

What happens to the skin with age?

Age starts to show its effect on skin from 30s onward. It slowly loses its color and vibrancy and early signs of wrinkles and sagging sets in. Pores of the skin enlarges and capillaries break down around the nose and cheek. From 40s spots start coming on forehead, cheek, upper lip hands and legs. Sun exposure, stress, pollution, wrong food and life style selection all increase free radicals in the body and aging process start faster. Still we can do many things to maintain the vibrancy and radiance of youth to 40s – 50s and even more.

Let us see, what can be done to preserve youthfulness

Breathing and diet:

Breathing exercises by Yoga promote higher flow of oxygen to the skin and increase the tone. To fully utilize the workout of yoga take antioxidant food regularly in your meals. Rely on colored vegetables such as tomatoes, carrot, spinach, broccoli, plums, kale, blackberries etc. These foods have high Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity (ORAC). Add vitamins to your diet; in other words be vitamin conscious. The most important vitamins for your skin are A, C, and E. Deficiency in vitamin A results in flaking skin. Anti inflammatory action of vitamin C is essential for healing and regeneration of the skin cells and their plumping. Vitamin C act best along with its companion Vitamin E, which has a great immune stimulating action, encourage circulation to increase the radiance of the skin. When taken together, protection from hazardous rays of Sun is doubled. From now onwards look for Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) and Vitamin E ( Tocopherol or, Alphatocopherol) in the label of your food.

Don't forget water:

The more dry is the skin more chance of getting wrinkle faster. This can easily be prevented by ample intake of water at least 3 litres per day. This will flush out toxins, plump your skin, add gloss to your hair.

Understand the value of exercising:

Skins of the people, who exercise regularly heal more faster than their sedentary counterpart. Target at least 30 minutes free hand exercise every day to preserve the youthfulness.

Learn to use moisturizer:

Apply body oil or, moisturizer after bath or, shower, while your skin is still little wet. In that way you can seal the moistures in your body and protect yourself from the drying condition like wind or, air-conditioning.

Use fats judiciously:

It has been proved by researches that the skin of those people, whose skin age prematurely lack in essential fats, which moisturize the skin from inside, elevate mood and reduce inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acid should be abundant in your food. Sea fishes like Mackerel, Sardine, Flaxseed, avocados, olive oil and nuts are reach sources of it. You can add nut, seed or fruit oils to your body oils or moisturizer too to get maximum effects.

Avoid stress:

The effect of stress become clearly visible on your skin very fast as pimples, pale complexion, puffy eyes, and frown lines. Yoga, regular exercises and judicial food intake can relieve stress to a great extant. Positive attitude books, and tapes also help to boost your morale and shed stress.

Say no to smoking:

Skin of smokers above the age of 30 ages twice faster due to sun exposure than non smokers. Excessive productions of freeradicals are the primary reason for it. "Smoker's skin" is a distinct entity which denote a gray complexion, dilated pores, wrinkles and delay in healing. Smoking constricts thee blood vessels thereby reducing the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, destroys the collagen and produces wrinkles fast.

Don't miss the chance of a beauty sleep:

Our body restores during sleep. Proper sleep is absolutely essential for regeneration and restoration of the damaged cells. Growth hormone spurt during sleep helps to renew our skin, hair, bones. The first evidence of lack of sleep is appeared below the eyes and ultimately ends up with a dull complexion.

Chose your skin products correct for your age:

Consult a beauty therapist to chose your product. A woman at age of 30 need different management and products than a woman nearing or after menopause. Judicial use of beauty products helps long way to preserve youthfulness for long time.

This article is republished in India Study Channel

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