Tips to preserve the beauty of the eyes

>> Thursday, March 19, 2009

Residue of stale eye make-up and other pollutants cause irritation in your eyes, leading to infected eyes. Adequate sleep, nutrition, exercise and total eye care is vital for beautiful eyes.

#Avoid using lotions, oils, drops in your eyes without consulting your ophthalmologist.

#Refrain from using face packs, masks and harsh astringents around the eyes.

#Never pull, stretch or rub the skin around the eyes.

#Avoid reading in poor light and harsh lights.

#Do not attempt reading under flickering lights.

#Small, bad print can cause severe eye strain.

#Constantly glued to your idiot box also holds a major share in weakening eyesight.

#Excessive smoking robs the body of vitamin C. It also causes wrinkles around eyes.

#Wear sunglasses to prevent discomfort from the sun's glare.

#Use damp cotton wool dipped in rose water, to remove traces of eye makeup. Use gentle, downward strokes to remove makeup. The outside of the lid can be cleansed by gentle, inward strokes.

#If you have an oily skin dab a little cream under and around eyes at bedtime.

#Never pluck mascara off your eye lashes

Massaging Technique for Eyes

Eyes are the most delicate organ. It ages faster producing lines, creases under eyes and crow’s feet at the sides of the eye. As the tissue around the eyes is delicate, the skin must never be rubbed or stretched. Unless you are confident & master the art of eye massage. It is advisable that you skip the eye massage.

Any massage for your eyes must be done with very light, feathery touch. While massaging eyes, always remember that, this is the only massage movement that moves towards the centre of your face. As stated earlier all other facial mass¬age movements move outwards or away from the centre of your face.

With feathery strokes, start from the outer corner of your eye, move below your eye using your fore finger. As you reach near your nose, take a 'u' turn and massage with extremely light touch over the upper lid. Work your way towards the outer corner or the starting point. Massage both eyes and always maintain that light, feathery touch.


Make-Up Tips For Eyes

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lengthening the eye lashes

Mascara helps to reinforce the length and thickness of your lash. It also enhances the look of your eyes. The latest brands come in a liquid form with a roll on applicator. In certain brands, curved spiral applicators are provided for easy application.

Apply a flick of mascara, if using, with your minimal make-up base as you would do in summer or when natural light is warmer. Coat the upper as well as lower lashes, starting at the roots and working towards the tips. If you want the eye lashes thick give them two coats.

After the first application, allow enough time to dry. Before the second application, a fine dusting of powder is necessary. Coat with mascara again, to make the eye lashes look thicker. After the second coat is dry, Eyelash curlers are used to give a curl to the eyelashes. Use eyelash curlers gently, pressing the ends lightly together to give them an outward curl. If the lashes are long, first curl close to the roots and then the tips of the lashes. Curling must be gently done without squeezing. If you happen to use a water-proof mascara, use the special remover at night.

Make up tips for different kind of eyes

Make up for Small eyes

Apply a light eye shadow on the eyelid. Use a touch of highlighter over brow bone. Blend in a darker shadow towards the outer corner of the eye. Drag shadow up nearer to the brow bone.

Make up for Close-set eyes

Use a highlighter from tear duct to brow. Shadow from base to brow with a dark shade allowing it to branch outwards behind the outer edge of eyes.

Make up for Wide-set eyes

Begin shading with a dark shadow from between the bridged nose and the beginning of your eyes. Fill m eye King a pencil near the under middle of eyebrow, so that it creates an illusion of being nearer to your eyes.


Beauty ingredients and their functions (A – B)

>> Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alfalfa - helps to promote hair growth.

Aloe Vera - this fleshy leaved plant has a cooling effect on skin. Especially beneficial to hair and skin, it may be combined to form shampoos, creams and hair oils.

Almond - belongs to the nut family. It has high nutritious value. Promote healthy teeth, bones and skin. It is an excellent skin cleanser, softener and provide nourishment. Widely used in facial scrubs and face masks.

Almond oil - rich oil with softening and nourishing properties

Alum - a sulphate of potash and alumina. Used as a styptic.

Amla or Phylanthus Emblica - helps hair growth, prevent premature graying and controls dandruff. It has excellent 'darkening' properties.

Apple - a lovely, juicy fruit. It contains vitamin A, C, potassium and pectin. Improves texture of the skin and can be made into cider or vinegar.

Apricot - golden, peachy looking fruit with high nutritional value. It can be eaten fresh or dried. Apricot is used in peel off facial mask.

Avocados - high nutrition content; rich in vitamins, minerals, and oil. The greenish yellow pulp may be eaten. It is also used in face masks.


Butter milk -'the residue' after butter has been churned from cream.

Banana - herbaceous plant edible with nutritious value. It can be used in face masks.

Barley - the grain of barley i.e., pearl barley is rich in iron and phosphorous. Widely used to soothe and cool the body system. Also used in face masks and as a beauty drink.

Basil- Tulsi is an aromatic culinary plant with medicinal properties.

Beer - made from fermented malt barley, sugar, hops, yeast and water. It can be used to set the hair.

Beeswax - used in the preparation of face cream.

Bengal gram flour - has smoothening properties. It is used widely in face packs and complexion scrubs.

Benzoin - 'gum' from Eastern tree used in medicine and perfumery. When heated it yields benzoic acid.

Benzoic Acid - used as preservative in the preparation of cosmetic creams.

Bi carbonate of soda - used to whiten teeth.

Black berry - 'the bramble'. A scrub with fruits.

Borax - a softener for hard water and an antiseptic.

Boracic Acid - acts as an antiseptic and checks excessive perspiration. Boric is the shortened form of the word Boracic.

Bran - the 'husk' of wheat and other grains. It has been separated in milling from the flour. May be used in face masks for its nourishing cleansing and boosting properties.

Brewer's yeast - rich in vitamin B and protein. It is used in cleansing masks.

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