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>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lengthening the eye lashes

Mascara helps to reinforce the length and thickness of your lash. It also enhances the look of your eyes. The latest brands come in a liquid form with a roll on applicator. In certain brands, curved spiral applicators are provided for easy application.

Apply a flick of mascara, if using, with your minimal make-up base as you would do in summer or when natural light is warmer. Coat the upper as well as lower lashes, starting at the roots and working towards the tips. If you want the eye lashes thick give them two coats.

After the first application, allow enough time to dry. Before the second application, a fine dusting of powder is necessary. Coat with mascara again, to make the eye lashes look thicker. After the second coat is dry, Eyelash curlers are used to give a curl to the eyelashes. Use eyelash curlers gently, pressing the ends lightly together to give them an outward curl. If the lashes are long, first curl close to the roots and then the tips of the lashes. Curling must be gently done without squeezing. If you happen to use a water-proof mascara, use the special remover at night.

Make up tips for different kind of eyes

Make up for Small eyes

Apply a light eye shadow on the eyelid. Use a touch of highlighter over brow bone. Blend in a darker shadow towards the outer corner of the eye. Drag shadow up nearer to the brow bone.

Make up for Close-set eyes

Use a highlighter from tear duct to brow. Shadow from base to brow with a dark shade allowing it to branch outwards behind the outer edge of eyes.

Make up for Wide-set eyes

Begin shading with a dark shadow from between the bridged nose and the beginning of your eyes. Fill m eye King a pencil near the under middle of eyebrow, so that it creates an illusion of being nearer to your eyes.


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